‘Save Yourself Save Us All’ A Book by: Lawrence Wolfe-Xavier


      ‘How We Can All Live Happily into the 22nd Century’

          ‘The Unique Post Covid-19 Opportunity for All Humankind’

Root Causes of the Covid-19 Disaster Revealed


Lawrence Wolfe-Xavier

Self-Portrait 2020

Save Yourself Save Us All
WORK must become PLAY, PLAY becomes work.
Nothing Exists that may not exist, all of it may not be good, but it
is a part of an ever evolving Greater Whole. Give your Love
to The World, to those who deserve it, to those in most need
of it. For There are Many.

A proportion of the royalties from this book will be used
to encourage creativity and self-improvement
amongst youngsters.

Mostly written during the Covid-19 Virus LockDown
March – August 2020 UK
Courtesy of HM Government, UK
Lawrence Wolfe-Xavier


Chapter 1: 

‘Throughout the world today, voluntary self-inflicted slavery is paramount. It is of far greater prevalence than modern, enforced slavery.’

Chapter 4: 

‘There is no such thing today, as a ‘free market’!…. The consumer markets are not ‘free’ but false.’

‘Under the capitalist method, the human species, across the globe cannot even feed, clothe and house itself properly!’

‘Capitalism simply came into existence with no conception nor design intent and no plan. It cannot be called a ‘system’.’

Chapter 6: 

‘Post-industrial technology is the Great Unperceived Driver; driving in multiple, unconnected but related multifarious channels simultaneously but in separate, independent unconnected directions.’

‘Who will manage, the management of human change that this most extraordinary phenomenon….’

Chapter 7: 

‘Why are the Transcendental Instinctive State of Being and the Transcendental Ethical and Moral State of Being not the norm?’

Chapter 8: 

‘Modern self-inflicted slavery – how does it come about?’

Chapter 9: 

History is a moving Target. If you have to do something, do it at the right time and do it fast.

‘History has given Humankind a Second Chance.’

Chapter 10:

The individual’s Self-Realisation has nothing to do with objects, it is nothing to do with your colleagues, it is nothing to do with ‘success’, it is nothing to do with what the neighbours will think. It is to do with YOU.

We are all Absolutely Unique. 7.8Bn people in the world and not two lives the same….

The Unique YOU: Self-Realisation and True Happiness….

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