Press Release

‘Save Yourself Save Us All’

‘How We can All Live Happily into the 22nd Century’

‘The Unique Post Covid-19 Opportunity for All Humankind’


Lawrence Wolfe-Xavier

Published 29th March 2021 – Print & E-Book

In this book the author challenges, to its very core, the conventional wisdom of Capitalism and the supposed ‘freedoms’ that is purports to offer.  It explains why the world is in the mess that it is, determines the root causes of Covid-19, and offers the reader the opportunity for an alternative. It is neither a ‘conspiracy theory’ nor an argument for Centralised Government or ‘Marxism’.

Introducing and analysing the process of transition from Feudalism, Mercantilism and Industrial Capitalism on to Post-Industrial Capitalism, the prime underlying causes and effects of Humankind’s current predicament are clearly illustrated.  It exposes the myths of Capitalism and its coercive, self-inflicted slavery that global populations willingly and dotingly absorb, almost unknowingly, into their lifestyles.  It deals with the effects of the ‘Internet’s Silent Surreptitious Influencers’ – Yahoo Amazon Google Facebook. 

The book explores the issues and crisis of Climate Change and examines and illustrates the potential dangers not only of Climate Change but the simultaneous emerging technologies of: 5G, Internet of Things ‘IoT’, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’, Quantum Computing, Bio-Technology, Blockchain, Nano Technology, Big Data. All of these disparate, multifarious technologies in simultaneous, but disconnected development, coming together eventually to fruition, perhaps by 2030/2040 or thereabouts, has impending disaster written all over it.

The author is not nihilistic but presents the thesis that Covid-19 with its global halt on Capitalism presents the world with the unprecedented opportunity for reflection, self-reassessment and fresh analysis for the future pursuit of true Self-realisation and true Long-term Happiness.  How this unique time in History should be best used for the true progress of Humankind is dealt with in the book’s final chapters.

This book is the Author’s first major public publication.  He has written about, and given public talks on, the Romantic poet Thomas Chatterton 1752-1770. He was a script consultant and on-screen contributor to BBC4 (Television) UK, for their Chatterton documentary.  He is, for over ten years, the Chairman of a Literary Society that encourages creativity and self-improvement amongst youngsters.  He writes answers to questions on Life & Living, World Events, Philosophy, Literature and other subjects on the Internet with more than 1.6 million personal readers and with circa 40,000 readers per month. A ‘most viewed’ writer on many occasions.

A proportion of the royalties from ‘Save Yourself Save Us All’ will be used to promote creativity and self-development amongst youngsters. The Author is available for interview, book review and public speaking events.

16th March 2021

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